Your stem, your branches and your green leaves,
All are full of passion, are the naughty thieves,
With apex on the blue sky and roots deep inside,
Promoters and saviors of life, may you abide!
But I want to see your real and colorful magic,
You colors and aroma, in the couples a panic!
Like my sweet beloved you are still sleeping,
May appear anytime; see the sun is peeping,
The sun is on the bed of clouds, still it trains,
Suck life it’s raining, be muddy, and enjoy stains.
Get prepared to kiss the warming sunlight,
Your colors and aroma will make it bright,
Though the day is still so cloudy and wet,
But for the beauty of love the stage is set,
I am waiting for the sun when an inside dance,
For the winds to disperse the cloudy romance,
For your twisting of body, goodbye to dreams,
For ecstasy in love your passion’s streams,
And magic of aroma that may touch her heart,
I shall not pluck it; it’s a nature’s nice art.
For your magic in sunlight enchanting the brains,
Suck life it’s raining, be muddy, and enjoy stains.

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