I shall let you know how beautiful she looked here dreaming
Feel my pain and forget what has been hurting your heart,
I can imagine you with your lovely pair talking and swimming
Lake is there, tree is the same, flowers still bloom,
A bird is there and it’s alone, so I am, let us share our gloom.
Dear bird! You live in water, I wonder where you lay your eggs,
Inside the lake or somewhere in the muddy bosom of the bank,
Tell me when you are alone how your eggs you will incubate
May I help you in any way, I’m serious it’s not a prank.
Now I see you smiling, my words really worked a lot
I smile, you smile, are we sad? No, we are not!
The boat is also here I shall now row to the other bank,
If your spouse is also there you may accompany me
You said, ‘No, you’ll prefer to swim back to him.’
What you do to make him smiling, I shall see.
That’s how we the humans share our pains in the life,
That’s how I change her mood when she is cross in a strife.

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