just passing orders to the obedient passionless slaves
as there was none to disobey her
desired someone
who could disobey her
at least once under a blue moon.
When the stars dance around the moon
and guards are removed from the Milky Ways.
When breath outs of the queen of night
are blended with the breaths of white sexy flowers.
When the seas jump and try to kiss the skies.
When the tides with the shells of love,
hiding within them the colorful pearls,
make the sand wet
and settle it to sleep in a content peace
and dream the next blue moon,
with more excitements and adventures
of the blind love.
When the buds say good bye to their virginity
and spring in flowers to wink
the stern but loving dear sun.
She created a couple of honey bees
that had no wings
but two legs to dance
a throat to sing,
two hands to hug
two lips to kiss.
Honey was forbidden to the bees
they could dance but could not fly.
And then she involved a clever slave
in this attractive affair,
colorful with song and dance.
The clever slave came
to the female bee so beautiful,
long silky hairs,
a face prettier than the moon,
deep blue eyes with stars brighter than Venus,
with coral lips softer than rose petals,
with cuts and curves
the sources of honey,
quick to be fermented in the wine.
What the queen lacked,
she managed it for the princess
who was flying a colorful kite,
wishing her kite could bring
knowledge as to why she was restless?
Thinking and thinking,
in a garden,
singing a song with lyric
meaning of that she did not know.
Dancing and dancing
in joy without knowing
what her steps needed.
Lookingand looking,
at her mate she only knew
He is something
who can do something,
to counter her restlessness,
and can bring calmness.
The naughty boy,
a play boy of the future,
was unaware of the play,
but he was also restless.
The clever slave
excited the virgin to learn
and understand the song
to dance correctly with the right steps,
and asked her to taste the honey.
When she tasted honey
it was fermented within her,
she was a bottle of wine then!
And when her mate
hugged and kissed the bottle of wine
the queen enjoyed this disobedience.
She threatened them to punish,
as the parents sometimes warn their kids.
But the couple of disobedient wingless bees
took it seriously,
managed to escape somewhere else.
Where they could go?
Endless is the garden of flowers and fruits
and it has no boarders.
The queen forgot
and they inherited,
she willfully transferred
a little of her creative instincts
to the disobedient couple.
The couple started creating obedient slaves,
Philosophy and Fine Arts,
Science and Technology,
Medicines and Surgery,
Literature with the Beauty of Poetry,
above all,
soft and cute embryos
to grow in innocent charming buds,
to further grow in the disobedient flowers.
The queen had already realized her mistake,
and immediately after the escape
had started using the fading
a cruel obedient slave,
but the escaped couple
is faster than that cruel slave.
The disobedient flowers are now in billions.
They have crossed the limits of garden.
They are now above the barriers and the fences,
making a plan of another escape.
Let me sleep in a content peace
let me know what happens after I sleep.
Even if, nothing happens,
there will be no news from my side,
as I heard none of those who have been sleeping,
no news is a good news.
Let me dream as long as I can dream,
off course,
after tasting the forbidden honey for the last time,
with hopes of a new lovelier adventure.
Life among flowers and life above shining stars
both are adventures,
let me go now
the Milky Ways are open for me.

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