I had nothing to do,
two kind hands did everything for me,
two loving lips kissed my forehead,
my palm and my cheeks,
though I was no more than an animal
as I recognized her with her pleasant smell,
but when awaken I saw so many many faces.
An old face with cheeks depressing inside no teeth at all,
though I disliked it
but I liked its smell as it was a little similar to my favorite smell.
A beautiful innocent face with soft but weak hands
always trying to pick me up in her arms
and sometimes when I fell down
calling that lovely face for help,
and all my pains were changed in pleasure
as I was provided untimely with the same sweet drink.
Gradually I learned the first lesson of strange human desires,
and I wished the soft and weak hands should pick me up frequently,
I may fall again and again
and get untimely drink more frequently.
And when that kind and loving face kissed that friendly face,
I disliked that innocent face as it was kissed by my favorite lips,
In fact I became jealous of it.
But I could not be be socialized until a smiling face
sometimes came in between me and the lady with sweet drinks.
That was the face that became my my loving patron in the future,
as it brought many tins of soft drinks for me,
so many amazing and entertaining toys,
without that face life would have been a curse for me,
but the fact remains it was the first face I hated!

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