The Government elected by the Figian people they held at point of gun
But by such acts of cowardice respect is never won.
George Speight your Figian hero to me is just a coward
He and his so called patriots with their rifles feel empowered
To his Pacific Island honour he did not bring
But then one person’s villian is another person’s king.
Still whatever be the reason one can’t escape the fact
That to hold people at gunpoint is such a cowardly act
And George Speight and his so called rebels will live in notoriety
With all of the other baddies for their acts of inhumanity.
The actions of the Figian coup leaders afforded too much media space
I found it quite offensive his narrow views on race
And that he seems educated only makes it look more sad
That education from mankind can’t eradicate the bad.
So if George Speight is your hero that speaks so much for you
That you don’t believe in human rights that others have rights too
You condone the hostage takers those who by their firearms feel empowered
But suppose that one man’s hero to the many seems a coward.
For two months he and his mates held hostages at the point of a gun
But by such an act of cowardice respect is never won
And I find it quite upsetting each time I hear you say
That George Speight is your hero and that what he did is okay

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