to recollect the love lost in time,
I’l have to dive in the past.
One day was lost in thinking,
the second in planning,
only twelve days are left,
one will be lost in tuning up my old motor bike,
and to make up a rider with her hands on my shoulders,
only ten days will be left,
in which I will have to write off,
at a rate of ten years per day,
I hope by the eve of the Valentine Day,
You will see me as a youth of twenty only,
riding on a bike with a girl of sixteen.
On the thirteenth instant,
I shall rise and flatter her,
As I did it when I was twenty!
It may take another day,
and I hope with her hand in my hand,
she will be walking with me,
on the cold sand of a lovely beach,
celebrating an evening of the Valentine Day!

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