For she is one who is untainted by greed
And her type of person as a leader we need.
Of Oprah’s worth as a person there can be no denying
And fair dues to Willy Chaplin at least he is trying
To have her run for President of the U S of A
Lets hear it for Oprah is all one can say.
For Oprah she surely has Willy on side
In his Dreamagic web site that is read Worldwide
Of the good woman’s credentials for President we read
A person like her may very well lead
Us away from war and the sufferings it bring
We will never know peace whilst of war men we sing
To those who are different we can be so cruel
And we will never know peace whilst the men of war rule.
In war zones and of hunger far too many have died
And the gap between the haves and the have nots is growing Worldwide
So Oprah for President that idea seems okay
To peace and prosperity for all she might lead the way.

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