concept of the ‘ universal man’,
andthe Indian mystic-poet
contemplative Aurobindo’s
vision of the ‘ new man’
and the ‘ new consciousness’
and ‚the supramental
The Supramental Consciousness
„It is quite difficult to define the supramental consciousness in mental terms, for it is nonmental by definition, and it defies all our three-dimensional laws and perspectives. The word itself may mislead us, because it is not an epitome of human consciousness, but another type of consciousness. We might try to approach it by distinguishing two aspects, one of consciousness or vision, and one of power. But this means becoming caught in the mental trap again, because these two aspects are inseparable; this consciousness is power, an active vision. Often, when Sri Aurobindo and Mother tried to describe their experience, their remarks would echo one another in English and in French: Another language would be needed, une autre langue.’
(Excerpt from The Supramental Consciousness.htm – Mother and Sri Aurobindo)

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