I don’t know why I plucked a pink rose.
And I don’t’ know how I got courage to add pink colour
in the shining colour of the brown silk dancing with the winds!
The brown stars below brown eye lids started twinkling,
I wondered to see a pink sky,
I wondered again
the pink colour of the skies
how quickly was turned to red.
The coral boat loaded with the rows of pearls,
who rowed it up on the Milky Ways?
A human smile is precious than the pearls!
She uttered only a word and it was ‘thanks’,
But my eyes listened to the beats of a heart in love.
What my heart expanded a single word to me,
I love you too!
I don’t know when and how I told her
I love you.
Her intention and love for beauty,
and my initiative to have the beauty?
But that’s how a crescent was developed in a full moon.

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