flowers and butterflies disappeared,
there was no water and mermaids did not swim.
No bell was heard from the temples.
No music, no love song,
Lord Krishna broke his flute.
as the forest on the bank of his river was at fire.
Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him,
turned his face on the other side of the mosques,
as nobody at dawn, at noon or at the dusk
called for the prayers.
The aurora did not appear,
the stars did not twinkle,
difficult to decide it was a day or a night
The sun, failed to see his sweet heart’s face,
and asked the moon
‘You are close to my sweetheart, can you see?
How is my beloved and how are my children? ‘
The moon replied,
‘I wonder all your good children faced a severe pain,
for a few seconds,
when they were burnt alive,
what happened to them let me know
as you are close to the heavens.
I don’t listen to their cries,
but I listen to the cries of your wicked children,
they all survived but liquefied
and are evaporated by drops after drops.
I see only a glimpse of your beloved,
but she is speechless! ‘
The sun exclaimed, ‘Those who died are in peace
and those who survived are in the fire! ‘

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