We live with what we do not want
And part with what really is not our part
The nature is very much there
We have to search and go no where
You have everything within sight
Make choice that has to be very right
We believe in deception
We claim innocence but want no mention
The identity crisis is big question
Rest all built on wrong relation
You pray almighty for all happiness
Do nothing good behind to trace
Who can remember you when you are no more?
There are no words worth to adore
We have penetrated in ever filed
The interest and attachment is largely varied
There is undue haste and lots of worry
Yet there is every scope to feel sorry
It may be sheer madness and stupidity
But in today’s date it has full validity
Everybody wants to be rich and called millionaire
No place is, in fact, left to go anywhere
It is said “person is influenced by his own thinking”
He may flow with the air and at the same time sinking
There is no limit to his fancy and ambition
It is inherent weakness with strong inhibition

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