Like water stored in the womb of the earth,
It touches many precious golden ores.
In filters of layers drops deep in the soul,
When neat and clean bursts out in streams,
The beauty though belongs to the dancing nature,
Anyone can flirt in his sweet lovely dreams.
You can’t stop someone in his dreams,
He can embrace and kiss anyone,
And the term anyone includes you too,
Done is done and can’t be undone.
And what he does just love you in dreams,
He is at all not shy if it’s a misdeed,
You may dislike but the princess of his dreams,
You are his life, his love and his need.
When beauty is touched in a lonely dreamland,
It’s a shower of the soul in exciting moonlight,
Why to blame the body it’s just a slave,
On commands from unseen it dances in the night.
Are not you excited when he is in dreams!
Are not you proud of your beauty and power?
If a proud that increased your beauty and charms,
I see you in warmth of a mild hot shower.
If a youth won’t dream may be sick and insane,
Dreams pacify and avoid violence,
If not so he will rape someone,
Dreams bring patience and peaceful tolerance.

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