My delight,
With you,
The loveliest sight!
While in transit,
Travelling to a place,
I haven’t seen before.
You know all its grace.
Sweet heart!
My thirsty eyes,
Kissed you,
The beauty of skies!
I want to touch you now,
I want to embrace you dear,
I am so much ugly!
May I face you dear?
But you remained a dream,
I want to taste the stream.
I want to have a shower,
That will make me a flower,
Resembling in colors,
And the pleasing odors,
With the flowers of the gardens,
I shall cheat the wardens,
With a coating of your love,
I shall fly like a dove.
I shall take your name,
I shall use your fame,
Can you wash my face?
Can you give me some grace?
Can you make me a boon?
Oh Dear Lovely Moon!

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