I remember all, your smiles on your naughty acts,
You were a diamond precious than silver and gold,
Running your fingers on the key board of my computer,
A fairy, watching videos of the beautiful fairy lands
I remember all, your tears when you broke a costly glass
Your smiles when I put another one in your hands.
As a flower she sprung, as a pearl in the shell,
Like the clouds she rose, like the rains she fell,
My heart, my brain and my soul, captured all
In my house she installed a musical call bell!
Here comes a dancing fairy and it’s a paradise now
The springs that were tied to her welcome feet
And then bloomed many colourful and fragrant flowers
The fairy in the ocean of life now leads a fleet.
May it be me, may it be someone else but you are destined,
There will be always someone to replace the broken glasses,
You are born to smile, to make the entire well-wishers smile,
Fly carefree in the skies, sweetheart you have mighty wings!

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