The Truth

I remember how we
Argued one day.

You told me true love existed
And I simply contradicted it.

You, obviously, challenged me
To prove myself right.

To that I replied, ‘Look into my eyes
And tell me if you can
Take me to a place
I’ve never been before,

To a place of pure bliss,
Where I’ll truly belong,

To people I’ll finally fit in,
Who’ll love me for me.’

You looked into my eyes
And swore you could.

And I swore I’d give you
Anything you asked for
If you truly could.

Days passed, months passed
And so did years.

You experimented with
All the truths you knew.

You exhausted all of your strength
To just prove your point.

But finally, here you are
Standing before me
With your head bowed down.

You’ve finally accepted
your defeat as well as the truth.

But all I do is
Embrace you and say,
‘I’m glad you found the truth.’

For your realisation of the truth
Is my greatest reward.

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